Yvette walks free as High Court finds her not guilty of all charges

Yvette Dianne Nikolic (right) with her lawyer outside the High Court in Suva on February 18, 2019. Picture: JESSICA SAVIKE/FILE

YVETTE Dianne Nikolic walked free out of the High Court in Suva after a ruling for no case to answer was allowed in a her favor this afternoon.

Mrs Nikolic and her husband John Geoffery Nikolic pleaded not guilty to two counts of importing an illicit drug, one count of possessing arms and ammunition without a license and also pleaded not guilty to two alternative counts of possessing an illicit drug.

It is alleged that Mr and Mrs Nikolic had in their possession 12.9 kilograms of imported cocaine and 34.4 grams of imported cocaine and methamphetamine tablets.

It is also alleged that they had in their possession two pistols and 112 rounds of live ammunition without a license on June 22, 2018, in Nadi.

Justice Goundar found Mrs Nikolic not guilty for all the charges and asked her to step down from the dock.

He said the fact that she is married to Mr Nikolic or had been on board the yacht Shenanigans travelling with
him for about four months before arriving into Fiji is not incriminating of Mrs Nikolic that she is a participant to the crimes that Mr Nikolic is
accused of.

The case will be called tomorrow for closing submissions by the state as Mr Nikolic has chosen to remain silent and has waived his right to presenting a closing submission.

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