Yasawa commits to hosting TV series

THE Bose Vanua o Yasawa is expected to fully commit the island to the shooting of the French Survivor series, as well as other television shows from European countries for the rest of the year.

This was indicated in a statement from the Bose Vanua yesterday.

The television series is being shot in Yasawa with effect from April 27 and is due to be completed in the next few days.

Prior to the shooting, preparation had been ongoing from as early as March this year.

In a statement, Tui Yasawa Ratu Jone Cakautavatava thanked the French company engaged in the survivor series for their consideration and acceptance of levies and charges requested by landowners on the use of their land and unspoilt and pristine sandy beaches.

The Bose Vanua also agreed to set up the Yasawa Island Holding Company.

“The Bose Vanua and company secretariat will be headed by former Commissioner Eastern Tomasi Tui and will also include as and when required professionals such as lawyers, economists, engineers, accountants and other disciplines from people of Yasawa in the private and public sectors.”

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