World Ventures’ dreamtrippers volunteer at Homes of Hope

Members of the World Ventures Foundation with the local volunteers at the Homes of Hope earlier in the week. Picture: ROHIT DEO

TEN members of the World Ventures Foundation visited the Homes of Hope at Wailoku today.

The group, led by Jen Clarke, was accompanied by some local volunteers who carried out a number of farm activities today.

“We had a plan to finish the required tasks in a day and a half. We had to plant 1000 peanut seeds, 110 Moringa trees and help upgrade fencing in several paddocks,” said Ms Clarke.

Fijian representative Henry Lomanivere, who has been part of the Foundation for the past four years, said the journey had been amazing and he was glad to host his mates at home.

“It has been an amazing experience for me over the past four years. We have had projects in other parts of the Pacific but this is the first time to have one here in Fiji,” Mr Lomanivere said.

The Homes of Hope will benefit from this as what we are doing is also a benefit for them in the long run,” he added.

The World Ventures Foundation will complete the project then head to Sigatoka to experience the hospitality of the Fijian tourism sector.

This is part of the “voluntourism” program which is a practice of doing volunteer work as needed in the community where one is vacationing.

The members who visited the Homes of Hope today have all paid for their holidaying trip to Fiji but in the process have opted to help out in volunteer work in a needy organisation.


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