World cup boost for Fiji Pearls

Kelera Nawai, FNSC Executive Chairman Peter Mazey & Merelita Waqanidrola. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Pearls received $468,790 from the Fiji National Sports Commission for their preparation towards the Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England in June.

Executive chairman Peter Mazey said the commission was pleased that it could extend the overseas grant to netball as the major female sport in Fiji.

“This is a pinnacle event in the sports calendar and Netball Fiji had clearly articulated and justified the need for this grant in their submission to the Commission grant committee last year,” he said.

Netball president Wainikiti Bogidrau said they were very grateful to the Government and to the sports commission for providing them the fund as this would be one of the most expensive torus ever.

Bogidrau added that the grant was for the airfare and accommodation.

The Fiji Pearls will travel to Sydney, Australia in the first week of June for a three week training camp before they fly out to Auckland for the test series.

The team leaves for Liverpool on 5 July and the competition proper will be from the 12-21.

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