Work together in unity, says Vocea

Members of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council take time out for a group photo in Somosomo Village, Taveuni yesterday. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

COMMISSIONER Northern Jovesa Vocea has urged members of the Cakaudrove Provincial Council to work together in unity.

In addressing the council meeting at Somosomo Village on Taveuni yesterday, Mr Vocea said this was imperative in order to move the province forward.

He assured the council that Government’s commitment had not changed towards development plans earmarked for Cakaudrove.

The district reps were also reminded to continuously work with government officials not only during council meetings, but throughout the year.

“Right now we are compiling reports from the various meetings held at provincial, district and divisional level as our line minister and assistant minister would like to see results of these meetings,” he said.

“These reports will identify where we have reached with decisions made at the various meetings and what else should be done to address these needs.

“Our ministers have told us that by June next year, they want to see miracles happen in rural villages which means we are challenged to do more to meet the miracle requirements by June.”

Mr Vocea assured the province of Cakaudrove that Government developments would continue as planned.

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