Women farmers praised

Government Member of Parliament Selai Adimaitoga on her way to Parliament. Picture: SUPPLIED

WOMEN sugarcane farmers won praises in Parliament yesterday from sugarcane farmer and member of Parliament Selai Adimaitoga.

In her maiden speech yesterday, Ms Adimaitoga said women sugarcane farmers were very effective examples for their own communities.

“Sugarcane farmers like myself continue empowering women because FijiFirst values women’s rights to access the entitlements and privileges guaranteed under our Constitution, unencumbered by discrimination, culture or oppressive religious interpretation,” she said.

Ms Adimaitoga said the FijiFirst Government was creating a gender-fair society that protected and promoted the rights of women.

“Accordingly, policies focus on encouraging shared decision making in relationships, especially as they relate to family planning, child care, economic independence and choices of paid work.

“Women are key players in the betterment of our beloved nation.”

The government backbencher also praised and acknowledged the immeasurable participation of women in all areas of life.

“From the women who rise early to care for their families, to those who are last ones to sleep, your passion to have a better family from the home to the community is the foundation upon which our nation rests and grows.

“Women run our homes and raise our children, they are our first teachers at home, they are smart budgeters, great chefs and they are the best judges for everything to be 100 per cent in a family,” she added.

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