Why it’s the best ute on the market

More durable — When you drive off in your brand new Amarok you won’t see the guys at the service centre until you’ve clocked up 10,000km. That’s quite the distance, especially when other Utes have a service interval of 5,000km.

More pull
The Volkswagen group owns Scania and M.A.N, two of the world’s most respected heavy trucking manufacturers and Amarok benefits from this technology. The Amarok’s 2.0 litre TDI engine is essentially a downsized truck engine and has the same reliability and extreme endurance expected of heavy haulage truck engines. It’s a smart engine and delivers 400Nm of Torque from 1500 rpm.

More traction
There are plenty of four-wheel-drive utes on the market, but only the 8-speed automatic Amarok is full-time four-wheel-drive. Every other ute operates a part-time four wheel-drive , which is driver-engaged when needed.

The 4WD system in the Amarok is the innovative Volkswagen 4Motion system and utilises a Torsen centre differential.

More technology
The Amarok is the only ute in the market with an 8-speed auto gearbox to give you plenty of pull at the low end and plenty of fuel capacity at the top. Having all these gears gives the Amarok more flexibility than the competition.

More safety
Every Amarok has a full Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) package. The system has four distinct operating programs.

More room
The Amarok is the only double cab ute on the market which can carry a full size pallet on the tray between the rear wheel arches. And to make the truck even more useful, lashings have been placed around the space where loads are mounted to add stability.

More practical
The Amarok is fitted with a heavy duty tailgate capable of supporting heavy loads as part of an extended load bed (500mm extension).

More comfort
The Amarok’s heavy-duty rear spring pack is unique, giving it class-leading comfort on the road, without compromising off-road capability. It’s the only ute to have the rear springs positioned outside the chassis rails rather than underneath.

More efficient — class-leading fuel
Fuel efficiency as good as 7.3l/100kms makes the Amarok one of the most frugal utes available and contributes to extremely competitive total cost of ownership.

More control — Hill Hold Assist (HHA) and Hill Descent Control (HDC)
The Amarok’s hill-hold assist supports drivers making hill starts in vehicles with ESP, by actively holding the vehicle. When the brake is released, the vehicle is held for about two seconds. The brake is then gradually released as the vehicle moves off. If the vehicle doesn’t move off within two to three seconds then the brake is released and the vehicle rolls backwards.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) assists the driver in steep downhill situations by actively braking the Amarok in order to permit a safe and controlled descent.

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