West Farm Holdings acquire Vuda Pork

West Farm Holdings owner Simon Cole and his stock at Vuda Pork. Picture: SUPPLIED

WEST Farm Holdings is the new owner of Vuda Pork in the Western Division.

In a statement, owner Simon Cole said the business was located on 84 acres of land in Vuda Point.

He said they had evolved from a small piggery that was formerly joint with West Farm Holdings and Dan Costello’s Fiji Meats.

Mr Cole said the changes had opened up opportunities to create new markets and new pork products, with a focus on a sustainable supply of quality pork.

“When we began the Vuda piggery, pork was one of the most expensive meats available in Fiji. Over the years, thanks to improvements in efficiency and production, as well as overseas price changes, pork is now regularly the second-cheapest meat available in Fiji and even the cheapest when on special,” he said.

“As an industry, we are pleased with this achievement, so that more people have access to this Fijian product.

“The company now has a total of 3500 pigs, including 420 sows, housed in its State-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly piggery.

“This may be the most modern piggery in the country, with a $3.2million investment to ensure that the pigs are well housed, well fed and healthy,” he said.

Mr Cole said that at the Vuda piggery, 95 per cent of the feed was sourced from local by-products, with only mineral supplements and medicines being imported.

“We are very aware that Vuda means ‘the source’ and is the site of the first landing by ancestral Fijians.

“We are very proud to be able to offer our pork to the local market as fresh from the source.”

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