Werelagi trial: Judge concurs with assessors, convicts ‘Josie’

Josevata Werelagi leaves the High Court in Suva after his trial. Picture: VISHAL KUMAR/FILE

A MAN who was accused of prostituting a 15-year-old girl in 2015 has been convicted by the High Court in Suva.

High Court judge Daniel Goundar today convicted Josevata Werelagi (Josie) on one count of aggravated sexual servitude and three counts of domestic trafficking in children.

Justice Goundar said he concurred with the assessors opinion.

He said he believed that Josie knew that the complainant was young and that he used her to provide sexual services.

Justice Goundar said the prosecution  had proved  their case beyond reasonable doubt and convicted Josie accordingly.

The sentencing submissions  has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

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