Weather watch: Roads remain closed due to flooding

SEVERAL roads remain closed across the country following the widespread flooding over the long weekend.

The roads that remain closed today according to the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) are:

Roads closed in the Central division:

  • ¬†Wairua Settlement Road
  • Toga Crossing in Nausori
  • Delailasakau Road
  • Navunisole Road
  • R.K.S. Road
  • Waima Crossing on Nairukuruku Road, Rewa
  • Nabukelevu Rd
  • Vatulili Village Access Road
  • Navulokani Road near Wailoa Road junction in Rewa
  • Lovoni Bridge, Ovalau
  • Ovalau Circular Road
  • Wailoa Road, Nausori
  • Savu Road
  • Naisole Road
  • Raralevu Road
  • Veivatuloa Road
  • Naqelewai Road

Western division

Roads closed in Rakiraki

  • Vitiri Crossing on Vitiri Road
  • Dreketi Crossing on Dreketi Road
  • Savusavu crossing on Lawaki Rd (Dawa Or Nasau)
  • Burenitu Crossing on Burenitu Road
  • Rakiraki Access on FSC Road
  • Narara Crossingon Narara Road
  • Katudrau Road
  • Lau Ford Crossing on Lau Road
  • Nausori Crossing

Roads closed in Ba

  • ¬†Nadelei Crossing
  • Rukuruku Road

The FRA is continuing to monitor several roads for closure and we will continue to issue alerts and warnings as required.

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