Weather situation: Fallen trees, landslides and stranded commuters reported

LANDSLIDES, fallen trees, blocked roads and stranded motorists are being reported from Deuba, Galoa and Serua as heavy rain continue to be experienced in these areas.

Members of the public and motorists are now being advised that there is a situation in some areas, and people must take appropriate and necessary actions.

The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has now reported the following situation:

  • A fallen tree is blocking half of the road carriageway on Wailoku Road. Motorists are now advised that they have access to one lane. Contractors are on site to clear the debris.
  • There is a massive landslide blocking off all access near Deuba. The area is presently unstable, with possibility of more landslides if it rains heavily.
  • There is another landslide at Talenaua, Serua. The road is reduced to a single lane for now.
  • At present, all traffic have been haulted at the Vunaniu Flats on Queens Road because of the flooding.
  • Also, floodwaters have partly submerged the bridge at Galoa Village. Vehicles are still able to pass for now. Motorists are still advised to use extreme caution and not risk their lives driving into flooded areas of unknown depth.

Members of the public who have queries of the situation on the ground can contact the FRA on toll free number 5720.

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