We don’t exist in a vaccum, says Radrodro

Salote Radrodro outside the High Court in Suva on Wednesday. Picture: IAN CHUTE

We don’t exist in a vacuum, we are subject to all the elements around us and we respond to them.

Opposition MP Salote Radrodro said this during the continuation of her trial brought by charges filed by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

FICAC commissioner Rashm Aslam put it to her that she only spent more time in Namulomulo Village, Bua after she was charged by FICAC with one count of giving false information to a public servant and one count of obtaining a financial advantage in December 2020.

She said it was not of her own making and stayed there because Parliament created the virtual meeting platform and she could sit in on the meeting from Namulomulo.

Then Mr Aslam, showing a Facebook post where Mrs Radrodro said she “frequents Nabouwalu” said she might frequent Suva if her living permanently in Namulomulo Village was true.

Mrs Radrodro said she used the word frequent because of her movements, and as alluded to earlier, she spent more time in Suva because of the nature of her work as an MP.

Mr Aslam then said it would be more correct to say that she lived at Tacirua and frequented Namulomulo.

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