WAF ordered to pay man $38k

Rakesh Kumar in joyous mood after the court has ordered WAF to compensate him for damaging his ankle in one of their manhole in Navua. Picture: RAMA

THE Water Authority of Fiji has been ordered to pay $38,844 to a man who injured his leg after falling in an uncovered waterlogged manhole chamber in 2013.

Rakesh Kumar was playing soccer at Naitonitoni Ground, in Navua on January 10, 2013, when he was injured.

He had gone to retrieve the ball when his left leg fell into an uncovered waterlogged manhole chamber causing him to sustain injuries.

The court heard that Mr Kumar was employed as a youth administrator at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

While delivering his judgment on May 3, 2019, judge Justice Brito-Mutunayagam said Mr Kumar fell into the uncovered manhole, was taken to the Navua Hospital and after his release he worked as a recorder at Navua Hospital.

The court heard that Mr Kumar’s contract was not renewed on October 2, 2014 as his injuries affected his ability to work.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, Mr Kumar, 44, said he was happy with the decision by the court.

“At least there is something to support me moving ahead. I am still renting with my family, so this will help,” Mr Kumar said.

Mr Kumar is employed as a Ministry of Youth and Sports administrator for Namosi.

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