Volavola to help in worthy cause

Ben Volavola on attack for Fiji against Tonga at Churchill Park in Lautoka . Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

FLYING Fijians flyhalf Ben Volavola announces his support of the work of Homes of Hope Fiji Volavola will be using his voice and influence to call to actions Fijians worldwide to stand against the scourge of forced sex in our nation.

He will challenge the nation to take ownership of the problem and be silent no more. Stand up, speak out, and hold fast to the rich, pure heritage that Fiji is known for.

Homes of Hope Fiji operates a residential campus which help survivors of sexual trauma through soft and hard skill trainings, counselling, medical and legal assistance, and a family atmosphere.

HoH also has six toolkits which are taught in various communities and informal settlements educating and bringing awareness regarding the push and pull factors surrounding rape, incest, sexual trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse.

HoH board and management team, is deeply grateful to Volavola for his willingness to lend his voice and reputation to help break the devastating cycles that are currently being practised throughout Fiji.

Its chairman Josaia Rayawa said: “Part of the program that Ben will engage with Homes of Hope is to use his current status as a young Fijian rugby icon, to help send out the message to society in a three-pronged approach.

“Firstly, to help promote to our young children about learning and understanding the importance of love and respect at an early age.

“Secondly Ben will have an empowering message targeted at young men of secondary school and tertiary age to be reminded of the importance of respecting choice and making the right choice for themselves, even when social messages that may come to them might seem confusing.

“Thirdly, Ben will have a strong message reaching out to the adult male population to challenge them to ‘look in the mirror’ and to decide whether they are a protector or a perpetrator in as far as their role is, in society.

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