VISA scams are happening under our noses: Gavoka

Detective Inspector Abhay Nand (left), Aiyaz Ali also of Fiji Police, committee member Sanjay Kirpal and Standing Committee on Economic Affairs chairperson Vijay Nath during the submission to the committee yesterday. Picture: RAMA

VISA scams are happening right under our noses in rural areas and it seems like our system has failed to detect it, says SODELPA Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka.

He highlighted this issue while raising his concerns before the Standing Committee of Economic Affairs in Parliament yesterday on VISA scams where villagers were the victims.

In a similar case in Nadroga, Mr Gavoka said he had had to step in to report an alleged VISA scam which people in his village had fallen victims to promising them jobs in the United States of America.

He said there was a need for provincial administrators to work with the Fiji Police Force in tracking down such criminal activities in village settings around the country.

“The question is what the vanua has done to protect their people from such scams or has our system failed. The Roko Tui and provincial administrators need to work with police to detect VISA scams in village settings,” Mr Gavoka said.

“Our people are gullible and they fall victims to such scams, this is happening right under our nose,” he added.

Criminal Investigations manager anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime unit Inspector Ayaz Ali in response said they had seen that illiterate people in rural areas were the main targets of VISA scam syndicates.

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