Villagers taken into custody for trespass at Savura Dam

A Government vehicle entering the gate to the Savura dam yesterday. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

A GROUP of people believed to be from Colo-i-Suva Village is now in police custody for alleged trespassing at the Savura Dam in Wailoku this morning.

When The Fiji Times arrived at the premises, a number of Government vehicles carrying police officers from the special response unit going into the dam area.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Maretino Qiolevu said the group had allegedly tried to cut off the water supply.

“Considering the situation where they had allegedly threatened to cut off the supply of water, a basic necessity to hundreds and thousands of people, the group have been taken in for questioning,” he said.

We are still gathering more details on this issue and we will update you as and when that happens.


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