Villagers gave in all

Former DPC North SSP Verani Nakauyaca, right, with Miriama Sabina (front) and other officers during the search last year. Picture SUPPLIED

WHEN the women of Dogoru Village in Macuata saw police and soldiers arrive at the village on the eve of February 27, 2018, they met and agreed to prepare meals for the search teams.

Whatever food they had in their homes were taken to the hall to prepare meals for the search teams.

The women’s group leader Akanisa Miliana said this was their duty as mothers and they saw the late Iliesa Tawalo and Merelesita Lutu as their own children.

“The women got their buckets of flour, rice, sugar, tinned stuff and vegetables to the hall and we started cooking,” she said.

“On Monday evening, we prepared tea for those who went out, but from Tuesday morning, we started cooking because we know how difficult it is to go through the mountains and our forests.

“We would begin as early as 5am every day and end our day after midnight because the teams returned from their search around this time. “We didn’t feel tired and we were glad to be of help to the teams.”

By Wednesday, Ms Miliana said Government assisted with food supplies.

“We were feeding about 200 people every day and our village hall was crowded as it was also used as the operation and communication centre for those based here,” she said.

“But we managed to organise a suitable eating area for the search team members.

“And at the end of the week, the day the bodies were brought to the village, the women openly wept and cried where they were cooking because these two were like our very own.”

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