Villagers fund projects

Nasomo villagers in Vatukoula giving their contribution to a few community developments after receiving more than $57,000 in royalty payments from Government. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

AFTER receiving more than $57,000 in royalty payments, the people of Nasomo Village in Vatukoula have committed to giving a portion of their earnings to community developments.

Village headman Viliame Rokoraiba said members of the Nasomo Landowners Trust made a collective agreement after the community made a request for assistance.

“Before the payments were even made, we had a lot of projects that we needed to complete, but we did not have the money for it,” he said.

“We had a pending project with our kindergarten where our children did not have a proper toilet and bathroom. So it was important for us to complete that project before we looked at any other development in the village.

“We are grateful to members of the trust for agreeing to help our kindy.”

He explained another project that the trust had raised funds for was funding the work of the Nasomo Women’s Association.

“We value the contribution of our women and how hard they work especially in our community gatherings.

“So when the request came from our women’s group, we did not hesitate to help.

“One of their projects was to have a proper kitchen and bathroom for our community hall. It might seem small but they need these facilities to make their work easier.”

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