Urgent call to destroy potential mosquitoe breeding sites

Fijians around the country are advised to destroy all potential breeding grounds. Picture: FT FILE

FIJIANS around the country are urged to help prevent the spread of dengue fever by destroying potential mosquitoe breeding sites and disposing of any stagnant water sources in and around their homes and places of work.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services issued this advisory as it also urged the members of the public to help prevent mosquito bites by using mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and mosquito screens on windows and doors.

It noted that mosquitoes often bite in the early hours of the morning and after sunset.

A Government statement issued last night stated that the advisory followed recent surveys that had reported high levels of mosquitoes (Aedes species) in Suva, Lami and Nausori for October alone.

While no statistics were provided in the statement pertaining to the survey, it stated that the ministry, through the Divisional Response Teams, had intensified dengue response activities, including household visitations and interventions for confirmed dengue fever cases.

It stated the health ministry would continue to work with municipal councils and other stakeholders to respond to the increase in dengue mosquitoes, while it urged members of the public to act now to prevent another dengue fever outbreak during the rainy season.

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