Tsunami drill for FNU and USP scheduled for today

A TSUNAMI drill for both Fiji National University, University of the South Pacific and Sports Council will be conducted today at 11 am.

The National Disaster Management Unit (NDMO) along with the Seismology Unit of the Department of Mineral Resources are working together to conduct this drill.

THE NDMO is advising the general public that all tsunami sirens will be activated during the time of the drill.

“Last month’s siren test found a few anomalies which has been rectified and thus needs to be tested again. This is in line with NDMO’s objective to ensure all sirens are in perfect working order,” NDMO stated.

NDMO has also stated that there would be no road closures  however the Fiji Police would be redirecting traffic on Ratu Sukuna Rd.

“Communities and businesses living along the Suva peninsula and foreshore do not need to evacuate but are urged to use this exercise to identify and test their evacuation procedures in terms of their designated safe route and safe assembly areas/zones. In addition to this, it is equally importantly for the public to get acquainted with the sound of the tsunami early warning sirens.”

NDMO would also like to get comments and feedback from the general public on the live tests in terms of the clarity of the sound of the sirens and adequacy of acoustic range, comments can be sent to neocfiji@gmail.com.

For any further queries please contact NDMO on 3319250 or email neocfiji@gmail.com


The six campuses from the two tertiary institutions that will be participating are:

  • FNU Maritime
  • USP Main campus
  • USP Statham
  • USP Lower
  • USP Marine

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