Treat for mums

Mount Zion Tabernable Women's Ministry members at their Mother's Day celebrations on Friday. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

WOMEN pioneers of Mount Zion Tabernacle Church in Lautoka were honoured for their contribution during a Mother’s Day lunch on Friday.

The elderly mothers were hosted by their younger peers who recognised the efforts of the women behind the growth of the Women’s Ministry.

Mount Zion Tabernacle Church Women’s Ministry leader Leba Derederenalagi said most of the women were over 60 years old and were unable to attend church meetings or participate in ministry work over the years.

“Despite not being able to do God’s work they are still an important part of our ministry,” she said.

“They were the pioneers of the ministry and the reason we have grown so much.”

She said more than 50 women were recognised during the event.

“We believe that it’s always important to recognise where we started from and the people who started us on this path.

“Doing God’s work is not easy and requires a lot of sacrifice and most of these women have sacrificed a lot.

“We wanted to express our gratitude for them and how much we value them.”

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