Trade unionist taken in for alleged breach

Trades Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony at the CID HQ in Toorak. Picture: FILE

FIJI Trades Union Congress general secretary Felix Anthony was taken into police custody last night.

Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya confirmed this to the Fiji Times Online saying Mr Anthony was taken from his home in Lautoka in front of his family without any explanation as to why the police arrested him.

“He spent the night at the Lautoka High Court cell block,” Ms Tabuya said.

She said Mr Anthony is being escorted to Suva to the CID office in Toorak this morning and is expected to be questioned by the Director CID who gave the directive for the arrest.

Meanwhile Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said Mr Anthony was taken in last night for alleged breach of the public order act based on the last investigations.

“He will be escorted to Suva,” Ms Naisoro said.




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