Three perish in fire

Ben Mati's nephew Salesh Datt mourns the death of his 75-year-old aunt. Mr Chand shows a picture of his cousin Surya Wati who also diedi in the fire. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THE family of 75-year-old Ben Mati of Navakai, Nadi, were at a complete loss for words after she perished in a house fire which also claimed her daughter, Surya Wati’s life.

The mother and daughter pair was found by firefighters alongside Salesh Chand who was the third victim in the early morning blaze.

Ms Mati’s nephew, Salesh Datt, said the family had lost two very important people in their lives.

“This is a big loss to the family and we are still asking questions why something like this would happen to them,” he said.

“They didn’t deserve this and I hope the police can find out how they died.”

Mr Datt said when he arrived at the scene of the blaze, the house was completely engulfed in flames.

“The neighbours said that the fire started around 6am.

“I came about 15 minutes later and by that time all the firefighters could do was try and put out the fire. “My aunt and cousin were still inside.”

Meanwhile, police confirmed an emergency call was made in the early hours of yesterday morning from Navakai, Nadi.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the fire broke out at the home of a woman in her 70s who was believed to be one of the victims who perished in the blaze.

She said the other victims included her daughter in her 50s and her de-facto husband.

She added details of the victims had yet to be confirmed as investigations continued.

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