The next election is about our children: Vosarogo

SODELPA deputy party leader Filimoni Vosarogo at the Novotel Conference Centre in Lami today, Nov 28, 2020. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

The 2022 General Election is about our children.

Newly elected SODELPA deputy leader Filimoni Vosarogo highlighted this while addressing members and supporters during the party’s annual general meeting at Novotel Conference centre, Lami today.

“The next election is just not about us, it is about our children and our children’s children and the Fiji we will give them after our time,” Mr Vosarogo said.

The Suva lawyer told those that were present that if they shared that vision with him it should be enough to lay aside all differences and divisions.

“That should be sufficient to get us all to focus on the one thing that matters – we want a Government that listens to its people and which best responds to the challenges and needs of our time and that’s a SODELPA Government and that’s what we will do,” Mr Vosarogo said.

He urged supporters to remain steadfast and in unity to bring change to Fiji’s political landscape.

“If we lay aside the differences and support the party in its quest to lead a more responsible Government we must accept that there are no Conservative SODELPA and there is no Liberal SODELPA, there is one SODELPA,” Mr Vosarogo said.

“There is no Vanua Levu faction of SODELPA or West based faction of SODELPA, there is one mat that is woven together to represent us all, we are one people,” he said.

“All of us pledging allegiance to the cause of our freedom, all of us singing together the tune of the land of freedom, hope and glory.

“We are one SODELPA for a one and united Fiji. The road ahead of course is not going to be easy but we will travel it together.

“Things which seem to divide us now are far much smaller than the ideals that have brought us together from the start.”





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