Take fire prevention measures to ensure safety: EFL

Political party leaders have attacked EFL for its proposed increase in tariff rates. Picture: FILE

ENERGY Fiji Limited is requesting the members of the public to take certain fire prevention measures to ensure safety of individuals, electricity infrastructure, reliability and security over power supply to its customers.

CEO Hasmukh Patel said in a statement that over the years, uncontrolled fires, bush fires, roadside grass verge fires and sugar cane field fires have been one of the major causes of power disruptions.

“Energy Fiji Limited is requesting for the understanding and cooperation of the public to take precautionary measures when lighting up fires. Road users are requested to refrain from throwing cigarette butts unto the grass verge as these could cause uncontrolled fires to start up,” he said.

“We humbly request our customers to refrain from burning cane and/or rubbish near the EFL power poles which could damage electricity infrastructure resulting in disruptions to power supply and significant economic losses,” he added.

EFL has also warned anyone causing damages to the power infrastructure as a result of fires will be dealt with according to law.

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