Tabuya raises concern on member numbers in standing committee

Opposition MP Lynda Tabuya outside Parliament. Picture: RAMA

THE Opposition has raised concerns on the decisions regarding the change in the number of members in the Standing Committee.

While delivering her maiden speech, Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya said there were five members and it was agreed to by the Standing Committee to increase it to seven and it was announced by the Speaker of the House on Wednesday.

However, she said they were appalled at how it had been reverted back to five during the Business Committee on Thursday.

Ms Tabuya claimed that this was a breach of good faith which was not a good beginning of the new Parliament and saw it as an act detrimental to the bipartisan approach that they were intending to take to ease transaction of the parliamentary business and at the same time live up to the expectations of the people.

“The committee is the engine room of the Parliament and we see this reversal does not augur well for the future relationship setting down a sour note undermining the authority and standing of this House and the will of our people.”

Ms Tabuya has pleaded with the Speaker and the Government side to reconsider this matter and adhere to what was agreed with regards to the number of members they shall have on the standing committees.


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