Tabuya: Change is already here

Lynda Tabuya received the most number of votes amongst the women who have made it into Parliament. Picture: FT FILE

CHANGE is already here.

This was the message from Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Lynda Tabuya to about 1000 people gathered at a SODELPA rally in Lautoka yesterday.

“The NFP says change is coming, SODELPA says change is already here,” she said.

“We have committed to you to increase our minimum wage to $4 an hour and, of course, the Attorney-General says we will do a study and see if it needs to increase.

“Your time is up, you have had 12 years to do your study Attorney General.

“You are not prioritising the poor people of this country or workers who continue to live on $2.68 an hour in 2018. Who can live on $100 a week?

“That’s the majority of our country, living on the poverty line.

“Why have you focussed on developments on making our country look beautiful and we have lost our soul.

“Our people, you are our wealth, you are our resource, you are supposed to be number one, we need to take care of you as a Government.

“You pay us through the taxes. All these freebies they are talking about, it’s not freebies.

“You paid for it — the Government is using tax payers’ money to give you $1000 for Homes-Care, $1000 for Farms-Care or whatever other care they want to come up with.

“We want to increase minimum wage to$4 an hour because you deserve dignity, you deserve respect and that’s only the beginning.”

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