Tabuya calls on government to admit liquidity issue

Opposition whip Lynda Tabuya (left) and NFP leader Biman Prasad during the parliament break . Picture: RAMA

OPPOSITION whip Lynda Tabuya called on Government to admit that the country is undergoing a liquidity issue.

While speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, she said cabinet ministers had limited their expenditures per day to $30,000 which was unprecedented.

“They have now been cutting down at their expenses and there is an issue of liquidity,” she said.

“I think they just need to come out and admit it but anyway, in order to help with our liquidity issue that we have in our country, foreign investors are encouraged and that is why the role of Investment Fiji is to bring in investors.

“It is Economics 101, it does not take an economist to point out that you need foreign investment to increase liquidity in our country.”

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