Swimmers work hard to maintain consistency

Brandon Prasad of Revesby Workers Swim Club of Sydney competes in 1500 metres freestyle competition during the Vodafone 2019 Fiji Swimming Long Course Age Group Nationals at Damodar City Aquatic centre last weekend. Picture: RAMA

NADI-based Barracudas Swimming Club executives had been working hard to maintain and defend its status in national competitions.

The club’s swimmers were among the top athletes who competed in the Fiji swimming Long Course Nationals at the Damodar City Aquatic Centre in Suva.

The club scooped a few gold medals and is looking fit to make a comeback this year in local competitions.

Team head coach Rosemary Rova said the swimmers had been training hard to be ready for tournaments.

“The kids are doing their best and because we had been preparing for weeks for this tournament (long course), they know what to do and we will try and successfully defend our title,” Rova said.

“We have scooped a few medals and made a few surprises.”

The club has more than 40 swimmers.

“We are glad that we have had a few inclusions into our club and we are bringing in some of our new swimmers who have the potential in their different events.”

The club includes three Pacific Games swimmers in Rosemarie Rova, Cheyenne Rova and Damien Kitione.

Results of the Long Course Nationals:

Girls 10 & U100 LC metre butterfly:

McCutcheon, Anahira Mako Swim Club 1:35.91 1:36.73, Bose, Rachael 10 Orca Swim Club 1:39.88 1:41.16 and Yuen, Zurelle 9 Orca Swim Club 1:44.42 1:43.00. Girls 11-12 100 LC metre butterfly: Waqainabete, Eden- Barracuda Swim Club- 1:20.93 1:16.86, Fa, Ofa- Malolo Swim Club Tonga- 1:13.88 1:16.90 and Moss, Marseleima- Dolphins Swimming Club- 1:26.33 J1:18.05.

Girls 13-14 100 LC metre butterfly:

Kotobalavu, Marion- Dolphins Swimming Club- 1:13.83 1:14.32, Bobi, Katarina Barracuda Swim Club- 1:14.67 1:15.98 and Tudreu, Faith Barracuda Swim Club- 1:22.07 1:22.39.

Girls 15-16 100 LC metre butterfly:

Rova, Rosemarie- Barracuda Swim Club- 1:06.65 1:08.94, Prasad, Ranae- Revesby Workers Club-NS- 1:13.47 1:13.37 and Mara, Rokowati- Marlin Bluez Swim Team 1:12.49 J1:16.30.

Girls 17 & Over 100 LC metre butterfly:

Wind, Moana- Orca Swim Club- 1:08.85 1:08.50, Buadromo, Matelita- Dolphins Swimming Club- 1:05.90 1:08.78 and Scanlan, Tilali- Dolphins Swimming Club- 1:09.73 1:10.96.

Boys 10 and under: 400LC metre freestyle:

Puamau, Caleb- Marlin Bluez Swim Team- 5:27.89 5:42.64, Taylor, Reuben- Barracuda Swim Club- 6:11.09 5:50.28, Rova, Jeremiah- Barracuda Swim Club- 6:41.35 6:10.99.

Boys 11-12 400LC metre freestyle:

Waqainabete, Zion -Barracuda Swim Club- 4:58.41 4:58.81, Kregting, Daniel Roskill Swim Club-AK- 5:00.86 4:59.77 and Mara, Josua- Marlin Bluez Swim Team- 5:30.39 J5:22.27.

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