Surge in patients with viral flu at Labasa hospital

THERE is a surge in the number of patients presenting at Labasa hospital with viral flu.

The Health Ministry is advising Fijians to be more cautious and protect themselves from the viral flu that is currently affecting the people in Fiji.

The symptoms of the flu include fever, joint pains, headache and weakness.

People are advised to adhere to the health advisories and practice safe and healthy habits to protect themselves from contracting the flu and present themselves to health facilities near them should they develop any complications.

Labasa Hospital medical superintendent Dr Jaoji Vulibeci has confirmed that with the rise in cases, the hospital had embraced itself with necessary drugs and other amenities to assist the patients presenting to the hospital.

“We have opened the Hub Centre and doctors and nurses will be called in after hours to attend to patients,” Dr Vulibeci said.

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