SODELPA will provide you ‘quality education’, candidate says

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka with candidates and supporters at the Lautoka rally yesterday. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

QUALITY education begins by having happy and secure teachers and administrators, says Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate for the 2018 general elections, Albert Wise.

“I am an educationist, if you want quality education SODELPA will provide it for you,” he said while speaking at a rally in Lautoka yesterday.

“To the teachers of this nation, SODELPA has heard your cries. “We have seen you suffering under the reforms that have been brought about by the current Government. “We will change it.

“We will give you what rightfully belongs to you.

“Because if the teachers are sad then how can you have a vision of quality education for change, peace and progress.

“There is no quality if the educationists are not happy and being demoted under the reforms when they should be benefitting from the salary that is tagged to their positions.

“If you’re going to the polls in the next 11 days because you want decent pay and a decent job and you want job security, SODELPA will give you job security.

“SODELPA will remove the contractual system that is in place, you will have a job until you retire at 60 and not 55.”

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