Sila U15 in zone semis

Lelean number eight Robin Billings touched the ball down against Khalsa High School in the Southern Zone of the Deans competition at Sila ground yesterday.Picture:ATU RASEA

SILA Central High school under-15 rugby team defeated All Saints Secondary School 17-3 in the Eastern Zone and Northern zone national playoff at thev Sila ground yesterday.

Sila successfully retained its spot in the zone semi-finals next week and hopes to secure a spot in the national quarter-finals.

The northern team led in the first half 3-0.

The hosts came in strong in the second half scoring three tries to Gabriel Tabua, Maciu Malamala and Josaia Rayawa.

Manager Semiti Tabaki said they needed to work on their fitness.

“This is a young team and our focus is their fitness and their endurance,” he said.

“They have the passion for playing rugby and one thing that I’ve noticed they do follow the game plan but when they are pressured on the field they seem to go out of the way and play anyhow.”

He also added that one of the major challenges is changing their mindset.

“One thing we’re working on is their confidence and the changes in their mindset. The idea of them playing against top teams like Ratu Kadavulevu, Queen Victoria and Lelean Memorial school always dampen their spirits or make them lose hope.

“We want to change that no matters which school you play against always remember that they are all the same and that is one area that we’re working on with our coach Chris Waqa.”

A development plan is in place for the players as they are groomed to be good rugby players especially working on their discipline.

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