Sigatoka farmers remain positive

SIGATOKA vegetable farmers have remained positive over their harvests despite the constant heavy downpours in the Western Division.

Kavanagasau vegetable farmer Roneel Singh said while the heavy rain was consistent, it did not adversely affect his farm.

“We still managed to harvest some fresh vegetables for the markets in Suva and Lautoka for the long Easter weekend,” he said.

“The rain was actually very good for us because it was a bit dry over the past few weeks.

“Now the soil is soft enough for us to plant again and it made it easy for farmers to harvest their vegetables.”

Fellow farmer Anil Kumar said there was not a considerable amount of damage to his farm.

“There was a bit of flooding but once we fixed some of the blocked drains we managed to control the overflow of water,” he said.

“I think there was very little damage.”

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