Sigatoka coastal communities plant mangroves and coral

Yadua villagers planting mangroves. Picture: SUPPLIED

IN a bid to protect shorelines, improve livelihoods and increase food security, coastal communities in Sigatoka have begun planting mangroves and coral.

The initiative is the brainchild of the Nadroga-Navosa Yaubula Management Support Team.

And conservation officer Lui Manuel said it was a partnership with the Nadroga-Navosa Provincial Council, Yaubula committees in villages, Organisation for Industrial Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), Fisheries and Forestry ministries and volunteers.

“We respond to community requests. For example, we planted 150 mangrove seedlings off the Yadua Village beach.

“The villagers have tried building sea walls but they have all been destroyed over time and they all know that mangroves provide the best protection from coastal surges and waves.

“Other communities where mangroves have been planted have noticed an increase in marine life and fish and this is important for them because many rely on fishing for their livelihood.”

Mr Manuel said their efforts over the Easter weekend were boosted by a group of volunteers from the US called Adventures Cross Country.

Apart from mangrove planting, the group is also focused on nurturing 500 seedlings in a nursery at Korotogo.

The group will also be conducting coral planting off the beach at Naidiri Village, Sigatoka, on Easter Monday.

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