Savusavu site identified for water and wastewater project

A SITE has been identified in Savusavu for the $1.02 million water and wastewater project.

This project, likely to be in the Nukubalavu area, has been discussed for a few years with stakeholders but has not been established.

In response to questions from this newspaper, WAF revealed the project was being funded through the “Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development” (KFAED) in the form of a Technical Assistance (TA) study for the Fijian Government.

“The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is the executing agency for the project and has plans in place in improving water and sewerage services in Savusavu,” WAF stated in a statement.

“A grant of $1,023,919 has been provided by the ‘Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development’ (KFAED) in the 2019/2020 financial year for a consultant to prepare and undertake a feasibility study.

“The project is aimed at improving water and sewerage services in Savusavu and potentially in an area adjacent to the town boundary, which can be economically served under the regional water and wastewater schemes.”

WAF confirmed the project comprised two phases.

The first is to review master plans and formulate plans to guide the development of water supply and sewerage services in the Savusavu area for the next 20 years.

“Phase two is to identify a priority investment project, complete a feasibility study and preliminary design and prepare a project,” WAF stated.

“A site for the new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is being secured at Nukubalavu. However, this will be further confirmed based on the findings of the feasibility study.

“The technical assistance project will identify an investment project and prepare the physical components of Savusavu’s water supply and sewerage services for commercialised operation, ensuring that their development is matched to consumer needs.”

WAF said the water supply component would involve the development of a new water source, expansion and improvement of treatment capacity, distribution network augmentation and expansion, as well as the rehabilitation of the existing water supply facilities.

“The benefits of the water supply component include improved economic conditions for businesses and residents, and improved living conditions for people who live and work in Savusavu.

“The project will also extend coverage to residents located at the extremities of the system who have inadequate water supplies.”

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