Rotumans express pride for their son

Fijian President Jioji Konrote and First Lady Sarote with students of Rotuma. Picture: SUPPLIED

PRESIDENT Jioji Konrote had a special meeting with the Rotuma Island Council which was attended by seven chiefs from seven districts this week.

The seven chiefs of Rotuma acknowledged the achievements of one of their own sons in a traditional ceremony on the island.

During the meeting, Rotuma Island Council acting chairman Gagaj Kauseraf thanked President Konrote for making Rotuma proud, and for being appointed Head of State for a second term.

“Sir, the chiefs of Rotuma wish to extend to you their deepest appreciation for being appointed the Head of our Nation, the first Rotuman native to hold such a high and noble position and we are so proud of you,” Gagaj Kaseraf said.

“We are preparing our traditional ceremony to honour you as a sign of our appreciation as one of Rotuma’s most successful sons. May God keep you in good health as you carry on your work in the highest office of the land,” said Gagaj Kaseraf.

President Konrote told the chiefs of Rotuma that it was a humbling experience for both him and the First Lady to be accorded a traditional ceremony of appreciation.

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