Romance sparks a sweet dream

Lucilla and Robert Glowatzki with locals in Taveuni. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

A TROPICAL romance that sparked on Taveuni five years ago and a dream to financially empower locals will soon give the people on the Garden Island with their first coconut ice cream factory.

And when fully operational by the end of the year, its European owners Lucilla and Robert Glowatzki, hope to supply and provide opportunities for locals to own their very own ice cream parlours.

Fruits from the couple’s orchard, currently planted on an 11-acre piece of land in Vacala, Matei will inspire ice cream flavours including coconut, soursop, pawpaw and bananas, some of them topped with native nuts such as tavola and vutu.

“We want to give locals wider and healthier food choices because healthy food changed our lives and we believe it can very much change others’ lives too,” he said.


Lucilla and Robert Glowatzki with ginger and sosup juice in Taveuni. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU


Lucilla first came up with the business idea following her own childhood experience with gelato a rich and dense version of ice cream.

The couple will first try out coconut ice cream before producing other flavours.

“We will first try out coconut ice cream. Vea (soursop) will taste good with coconut and we also have different kinds of babanas and pawpaws to try out,” Lucilla said.

“We are growing uto ni Idia (jackfruit) and in the long run we hope to have in our ice cream pieces of vutu nuts and tavola. It would be cool to have a line of products that truly captures that real taste of Taveuni,” she said.

Lucilla, from Italy, first came to Fiji to dive during a break from her busy fashion job in London. Robert, a German, visited Fiji to work in the local tourism industry.


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