Rodu thanks parents for releasing football players

National women's coach Marika Rodu (facing camera) at a training session. Picture: FIJI FA MEDIA.

FIJI women’s football coach Marika Rodu thanked the parents of the Fiji women’s football team for their timely assistance in releasing their daughters for training and preparation towards the Samoa Pacific Games.

“These girls have shown great potential not only through their skills but through discipline, behaviour and characters which is the most important thing I look for first in a player.

“It doesn’t matter if you are not a good player; I am always looking for a good person someone who has characteristics of good person.

When I make my selection we are not only looking for the best players, you don’t only have to know how to run fast, kick the ball but for you as a player to know what you are supposed to do,” said Rodu.

“These girls making it into the team show the capabilities that they have and the boxes that they have ticked and this is all thanks to you parents, thank you for having such wonderful daughters and we know they learnt those characteristics from you,” he added.

Rodu thanked the parents for releasing their daughters to camp at the Fiji Football Academy for weeks.

“Thank you for releasing them to come to camp, for trusting in me and the team here to look after your young ones in their football journey, without the training camps and team bonding sessions we wouldn’t be where we are today,” he said.

Twenty-three women from the football team will part of the Team Fiji contingent to the Samoa Pacific Games.

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