Road, drainage works plan

FijiFirst Party General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum with supporters in Drasa Lautoka. Picture: SHAYAL DEVI

THE FijiFirst Government has made great strides to regularise squatter settlements, says FijiFirst candidate Parveen Kumar. While at Lovu Seaside in Lautoka, residents raised concerns about the time it was taking to improve the roads and drainage at the settlement.

Mr Kumar said he had responded to the residents during an earlier meeting that all road and drainage works were included in a subdivision plan.

“When it is done, you will have a tarsealed road, footpath and you’ll have streetlights, Government is paying for that,” he said.

“Government is going to pay for the whole development. This is the first government that we are trying to regularise all the informal settlements, one of that settlement is your settlement. Government has paid premium on your behalf and I made it very clear.

“You all are aware that there was no water and no electricity, this Government came and gave water and electricity temporarily but when you are going to have a formal subdivision you will have all proper water pipes, electricity, footpaths and tarsealed roads.”

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