Resort staff rescue three


THREE fishermen from Tavua are counting their lucky stars after being rescued in Yasawa waters by staff members of Turtle Island Resort on Friday.

The trio spent more than 24 hours at sea after their boat capsized during a fishing expedition in the central Yasawa Group.

Resort chief executive officer Richard Evanson Jr said the resort was notified of the missing fishermen at 9pm on Thursday and immediately arranged a Turtle Airways seaplane and its resort speedboat to begin searching for the men at first light on Friday morning. ”

Joyce Aviation was engaged by the Fiji Navy to help in the search and we are extremely grateful to them for their assistance,” Mr Evanson said.

“Their aircraft located the three men and they were able to drop off some survival gear before our boat was able to reach them and supply water, food and blankets.

“There were other boats out on the search, including one from Don Bruce of Coralview with several police officers, as well as a boat from Tavua and another from a village in the Yasawas.”

After being picked up, the fishermen were brought back to the five-star resort located on Nanuya Levu Island where they were given dry clothes and were made to eat and rest.

“It was extremely rewarding to hear the fishermen speak to their families, and hearing of the joy their families had to know that their loved ones were safe,” Mr Evanson said.

“We thank everyone involved in the search, the Fiji police for their support, Joyce Aviation and the Fiji Navy, Don Bruce of Coralview Resort, the boats from Tavua and a village from the Yasawas, and our staff of Turtle Island Resort and Turtle Airways for their efforts.”

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