Residents claim taps run dry

Alelia Tebetia, a resident of Tacirua filling up her buckets as their area experience supply disruptions. Picture: ATU RASEA

Water woes continue to plague residents along Princess Rd over the past few days.

The Fiji Times spoke to residents of Cokanaisuva settlement, Tacirua six miles, Savutalele settlement and Naisogo settlement, who all claimed that their taps were running dry since Tuesday last week.

Alelia Tebetia, a resident of Tacirua six miles, said they had to take a cab down to another family member who lived in Newtown, Nasinu, just to have their buckets filled.

“The water stopped coming on Tuesday night and the water carts only began coming on Friday,” Ms Tebetia said.

“Two times, we had to taxi down to our relatives in Newtown to get water.

“When the water cart came on Friday, it came only once and once again on Saturday during midday.”

Verenaisi Soli of Naisogo settlement said they faced the same issue the previous week where they had no water for five days.

“This is the second week in a row that we are facing this water issue,” she said.

“The previous week there was no water from Wednesday to Saturday and the water cart only came on Sunday after we called.

“Now this week there has been no water since Wednesday and it’s Sunday again and there is still no water.”

She said the lack of water was really affecting them because they had a sick relative with them.

“We have a sick relative with us and it’s really hard for us especially when there’s no water.

“Given the dry season if the water in our tank isn’t enough for us, we will have to go down to the river.

“We are asking the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) if they can restore our water supply.”

Water Authority of Fiji yesterday acknowledged the concerns raised by the residents and said they would look into the matter.

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