Religion unites mankind, says Sahoo

Five-year-old Yasser Khan recites a prayer during the Prophet Mohammed's birthday celebration in Labasa. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

INDIAN deputy high commissioner to Fiji Sukanta Sahoo believes religion is a bridge that unites mankind.

Speaking at the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday celebration at the Sunni Muslim League South Pacific headquarters in Labasa yesterday, Mr Sahoo said religion was a unifying force.

About 500 people attended the event organised by the Vanua Levu Muslim League.

“It is common to the overwhelming majority of Fijians, no matter what their religion background is,” he said.

“We can find common ground with each other precisely by understanding and respecting that principle.

The wonderful thing is that the teachings of our many religions are interconnected.

“In Islam, everyone is equal, whatever their ethnicity, background, language or nationality.”

Mr Sahoo said it was the duty of all Muslim believers to give to charity.

“So it is a caring religion, a giving religion as well as standing for equality and mankind.

“For Muslims everywhere, this is a hugely important day and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed are at the core of Islam.

“It guides their faith and defines the way they live their lives.”

Former government minister and Cakaudrove chief Ratu Epeli Ganilau described the event as an opportunity to reflect on unity in society and among all mankind.

He said the teachings of Prophet Mohammed promoted love and unity and it was only right to live such life.

League president Bashir Khan reminded the crowd that love was the answer to solving challenges faced in life.

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