Referendum compulsory for all Bougainvilleans

ABG parliamentary referendum chairman and member for Selau Joe Watawi. Picture: POST COURIER

BUKA, 10 JULY 2019 (POST COURIER) – The vote in the referendum on Bougainville is very crucial and compulsory and every Bougainvillean needs to vote.

These are the words from ABG parliamentary referendum chairman and member for Selau Joe Watawi.

Speaking to the Post-Courier, Watawi said the vote will determine the region’s future and equal participation is greatly needed.

“Let me remind the people of Bougainville that we will not be voting for a normal election which happens every five years, we will not vote for Members of Parliament, we will be voting for our independence,” he said.

“My constituency here in Selau, I have already laid down the rules, if the polling team goes into a particular village, that village will not come into town, no gardening and no fishing, until everyone votes and polling is called off.

“We need to take this vote very seriously because it is our only chance and it will never ever come again for the second time.

“We did a mock vote here in the Selau constituency and the results came out really good and I have no doubt that the Selau constituency will vote good and proper when the real one comes,” Watawi said.

He said there are certain things that need to be sorted out and that is to do with equal participation during voting time.

“There are no big mountains here in Selau so I guess awareness has gone into people’s ears already.

I can bluntly say now that if you all refuse to vote and don’t know how to vote then we might summon in the frogs to go and vote on behalf of all of us who are reluctant to vote.

So, take this seriously,” he said.

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