Rapist jailed to 12 years and five months

A MAN who raped his neighbour has been sentenced to 12 years and five months imprisonment.

The father of five committed the act between July 11 and July 12 back in 2016.

The 40-year-old was convicted of one count of sexual assault and one count of rape.

The court was informed that the victim and the accused were neighbours.

The victim was on her way from Ba town to Vadravadra Village when she was approached by the rapist.

He was drinking alcohol with some others at the said time.

The accused told her to wait and that he would accompany her home. The rapist then asked her to accompany him to his house for a drink.

The victim tried to escape and even screamed for help but the rapist punched her and forcefully took her inside his house and raped her.

While delivering his sentence at the High Court in Lautoka, judge Justice Sunil Sharma told the rapist that he took advantage of the victim’s vulnerability.

The rapist will be eligible for parole after serving 10 years behind bars.

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