Public Rental Board shows increase in wages

The Nabua Public Rental Board flats. Picture: ATU RASEA/FT FILE

Public Rental Board (PRB) staff received a whopping $296,244 increase in salaries and wages between 2019 and 2020 pushing total expenditure in pay to $959,486.

This, according to the PRB’s 2020 annual report that was presented in Parliament on Monday.

The report showed that salaries and wages in 2019 for 47 staff was $663,242, which increased to $959,486 for 42 staff in 2020.

The annual report said the PRB personnel were divided into two categories — salaried and waged staff.

“Staff cost continues to be a major expense for PRB,” the report said.

“This comprises approximately 26 per cent of the total revenue in the current period.

“This percentage is high but is expected to reduce through economy of scale and close monitoring by PRB.”

In 2020, the PRB had three executives, eight staff in the finance and administration section, 13 in the property department and the remainder as waged workers.

There were six board members for PRB in 2020 who incurred expenses and allowances of $28,770 compared with $16,042 in 2019.

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