Prostate cancer awareness month

Staff of Vinod Patel during the official launch of Movember at Vinod Patel Centerpoint in Laucala Beach yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE Fiji Cancer Society’s (FCS) main message for prostate cancer this month is that they want more men talking about the disease, says FCS chief executive officer Belinda Chan.

She said it was important for men to start opening up about the cancer.

Dubbed “Movember”, this month is dedicated to creating awareness on prostate cancer in the country.

“We understand how difficult it is. The screening can be very invasive on them. We need them to understand this that like breast cancer if detected early, it is also treatable,” Ms Chan said.

“The treatments are available here in the country and free of charge. These are things men should take heed of.”

She said FCS’s build up towards Movember involved a partnership with the Suva Golden Oldies Rugby Club.

“This is not only to raise awareness on prostate cancer but also provide screening services to them. Right now we are awaiting for the club to confirm their service provider but once we know, we will be working together to put out to the public as to where we are going to have these screenings,” she said.

“If men are above the age of 50 years, and they are showing symptoms or signs of prostate cancer, just contact the FCS or the Suva Golden Oldies Rugby Club as to where we are having our screening programs.”

She added the response last year during Movember was overwhelming.

“We had organisations coming on board and hosting morning teas and raising awareness within their organisations,” she said.

“This year we are fortunate from the FCS’s perspective that we have Vinod Patel Home & Living on board with us.”

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