President visits senior citizens in Rotuma

President Jioji Konrote, First Lady, Sarote Konrote with 79-year-old Susana Makrava who is the widow of the late Visanti Makrava and a senior police officer. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fijian Government has implemented a number of programs that are geared towards the welfare of our elderly citizens.

President Jioji Konrote said this during his second day of tour on his home island of Rotuma.

Mr Konrote and the First Lady, Sarote Konrote paid them a surprise visit to the senior citizens on island, a promise Mr Konorte made to himself before leaving for Rotuma to pay respect to those who had dedicated their lives for the betterment of the island and the country.

“It has been an honor to visit the senior citizens of Rotuma especially when I have been away from my Island home, serving our beloved nation as Your Head of State”

“Although the main aim of my tour is to continue advocating on the planting of 4 million trees in 4 years Initiative, which I launched last month, it is also a good opportunity to visit our senior citizens on the island, to seek their blessings and include them in our noble journey,” said Mr Konrote said.

Mr Konrote accompanied by Mrs Konrote visited several senior citizens on Rotuma one of whom was 79-year-old Susana Makrava who is the widow of the late Visanti Makrava, the former General Manager of the then National Bank of Fiji.

Mrs Makrava’s excitement as well as emotions could not be hidden as Mr Konrote and his wife arrived at her double storey home in the District of Oinafa.

“Your Excellency, and your wife Sarote, I am deeply touched by your visit today. I never thought of hosting the country’s President and the First Lady at my residence. Thank you very much for caring for senior citizens like me, May God Almighty bless both of you with longer life. It is my prayer that God will take care of you and your team,” Mrs Makrava said.

Mr and Mrs Konrote were also invited to Sabbath gathering by the Senior Pastor of the Motusa Seventh Day Adventist Church in Rotuma, Pastor Melisa Vakaloloma.


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