President Konrote ends Rotuma trip

Fijian President Jioji Konrote and First Lady Sarote with students of Rotuma. Picture: SUPPLIED

PRESIDENT Jioji Konrote concluded his week-long trip to Rotuma by planting trees and advocating people to live healthier lifestyles and to take care of their pristine environment.

During a visit to Christ the King Primary School in Sumi, Mr Konrote planted 30 trees as part of Government’s 4 million trees in 4 years campaign.

He reminded students of the importance of sustainable environmental practices.

“Because of climate change we are having a lot of problems like soil erosion, coral bleaches and changing weather patterns,” he said.

“In my capacity as the President, I am also championing the fight against NCDs.

“For your information, Fiji tops the world as one of the countries with the highest rate of diabetes and other NCDs related ailments.

“This is nothing to be proud about.”

Mr Konrote urged parents to feed children the right food to avoid them developing diabetes.

“Stop giving them genetically modified foods.

“It is alarming that in the world today, in every six seconds someone dies from diabetes.

“Government has been advocating for Fijians to become productive citizens.

“However, NCDs related ailments also affect productivity.”

Retired teacher and prominent Rotuman, John Tami, acknowledged Mr Konrote for visiting the school.

He said climate change and NCDs were two major issues in Rotuma.

Mr Tami said coastal erosion, temperature increase and coral bleaching were major issues.

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