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Raw cacao natures real chocolate. Picture: SUPPLIED

What is the original diet?

Every herb that yields seed and every tree whose fruit yields seed, the trees of the garden, the trees above the ground that yield seeds. The original diet. Interesting that nothing below or under the ground was instructed as food in the original diet.

This is really something to seriously think about and probably something that will challenge a lot of us.

For those searching for the truth and origins of real pure nature foods, the undisputed real purest food source on the planet that enables the highest levels of health, vitality, clarity and awakeness, even disease and illness free living, that is, the original diet, pure nature foods, the subject of the original diet is something that must be discussed and shed light on.

Yes, the original diet was altered through circumstances, human actions, and of course transgression changed everything.

Yet think about it, if we have strayed from what we were originally instructed to eat, wouldn’t going back to that pure, untouched original source make sense?

Wouldn’t going back to the original purest source of sustenance be the very hope we seek and the answer to so many unnecessary sufferings and hardships we inflict upon ourselves through harmful food choices?

As such, going back to our originally instructed pure food source is particularly relevant where maintaining health and avoiding unnecessary early death are concerned.

Many of our ailments occur simply because we are now, in society and everyday life, choosing harmful incorrect sustenance believing it is a life-line.

It’s really as simple as it sounds, eat from life and you live, eat from death and you die!

One of the most pleasant things to do is to eat real fresh nature food.

It invites you, draws you in with its enticing scents, and colours, it appeals to the eye and the taste buds, in every way this original nature food source screams ‘eat me because I am good for you and you need me’!

Yet we still feel the need to run to other ‘sources’ seeking further assurance, hesitant to fully embrace life foods into our everyday lives; and despite this unmatched restorative gift, we even opt for destructive counterfeits, treatments and unnecessary surgery instead of simply turning to original nature foods with its highly beneficial electric life force that can restore and reverse.

Why? Could it be that the restorative power contained in healing nature foods is just too much to comprehend or grasp? How effective it is for our entire being when we eat raw living foods, from nature, and yes it is that simple.

How it can restore and reverse.

Eating to raise your vibration and pump your body with oxygen-rich life force that pushes sickness and disease out of the body, gifting you with gaining real health back!

Yes, it really is that straight forward.

This truly is what raw living life force nature foods do! Once you make this connection a whole new world literally opens up and the joy and amazement never cease.

How? because it was intended this way, from the very start. It was intended for us as humans to live a disease, illness, sickness free life thriving at optimal levels of health and vitality, and this treasure of heightened living is available to us if only we so choose.

Can you see, it is very much still possible today!

We each hold the power to change our own state of health, wellness and even our mindset and it all begins with food choice, the correct foods, foods from pure nature, the original diet.

I keep reiterating how powerful food is, how we are so consumed and dominated by it in all areas of our life, so when we choose to eat nature foods we choose longevity and heightened health because there absolutely cannot be anything else but.

Nature food is unmatched – from the purest source, The Creator. There is nothing  else comparable. No other food source can top it or provide what it can.

We all talk about eating healthy and eating right, but how many of us are including pure nature foods, the real true original health food source, as our daily  meals.

We now know that nature foods are foods that are found in nature in their pure original untouched state.

From following this series, Power Plants of the Pacific, you would have also become aware that all disease begins in the gut – death begins in the colon.

So flushing out the gut by removing the buildup of waste, toxins, metals and the general filth festering inside our guts is essential; and as I continue to voice, the most powerful way to do this is with raw living life force foods!

Raw fruits, raw original vegetables, wild and fresh herbs, and pure oxygen-rich water.

Taste the unmatched goodness of real nature foods and experience next level of thriving and heightened health for yourself. Have you taken up the Raw-A-Day challenge?

Join the many taking up their super health weapon and include one raw meal daily from pure nature food.

Along with the numerous raw recipes and nature food alternatives I have included each week in this series, keep reading for today’s recipe inspiration to fuel yourself with maximum energy and optimal thriving.

Let’s recap on the abundance of Fiji’s native, medicinal, natural, flora that offers just what we are searching for where real heightened health is concerned.

Nature’s ubiquitous health-enhancing flora is readily available to all of us, and superior vitality can be achieved and become our reality no matter where we are at this current point in life with our health.

I create my sunfired and high raw vegan jungle cuisine literally from my surroundings; from what is available to me at that moment.

Nature is everywhere and offers so much to us all the time, we simply just have to stop and observe.

My recipe creations, Vegan Fiji’s high raw nature cuisines, are inspired by what creation is extending to us as a life force.

For the sports lover and fitness fanatics out there, never be afraid of utilising the power that raw living life force foods hold.

The electric energy that nature foods contain literally floods the body with superior power and higher levels of performance,
strength and endurance.

How you say? When real pure nature food is the chosen source, and because it is the unmatched purest source, it floods the body with oxygenating life and renewed energy literally enhancing the body’s ability to perform at superior levels.

There is no matched power energy food that can provide this.

Chemicalised, synthetic products have done their best to convince us that they are the ultimate source for strength endurance and even muscle building, but it’s a complete lie.

How can these ‘man-made’ products compare, especially when the proven long term effects and damage to  body organs such as liver and kidney are so evident from constant consumption?

Nature power plants are literally the most powerful source of sustenance that flourishes the body while toning, strengthening
and empowering it, particularly where sports and fitness are relevant.

I personally have experienced and tested this way of eating and its lifestyle, as a former weightlifter and sports competitor.

There are also many Olympic champions who have chosen this lifestyle, and have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that alkaline vegan nature foods are a vital key, an undisputed power source and the real health and restorative missing link naturally advancing their performance.

Nature is simply a force you can’t argue with, it is and always will be the original
unmatched power source.

So consider, if you will, having reflected on all the information I have brought to light over the past eleven weeks in this series, confidently stepping out into the realm of superior health because now you know that it is so readily available to each and everyone of us, especially here in Fiji.

Eat as though your life depends on it, because it does.

Give your body the chance it deserves to gain back real health, to flourish supremely as originally intended and take the next step to heightened health with Power Plants of the Pacific.

Here are some high raw power weapon nature health food meals that will sustain and energise you with next-level vibrancy –

Wild fresh herb avocado cleanser salad – finely chop one bunch of dhaniya, one large palm-size of fresh bush basil, half a bunch of fresh raw moca, onebunch of fresh mint, one small handful of bush mint, palm size of fresh rosemary, one bunch of fresh raw Chinese cabbage or bok choy, half a bunch of watercress, handful of fresh raw moringa leaf, one small karela that has previously been soaked in fresh bush lemon juice (optional), wild tamole leaf even fresh raw okra and any other dark leafy greens and fresh herbs of choice into a large salad bowl.

Mash one ripe avocado with the juice of two or three key limes and fresh chili to taste.

Mix the avocado mash through the finely chopped greens, sprinkle a small palm size of uci flowers and garnish with sesame
seeds or grated vutu nuts and grated avocado seed and even small pieces of chopped palm dates, enjoy!

Electric energy performance enhancing shake
– take 3 or 4 burro bananas, a generous spoonful of raw cacao powder or sunfi red cacao seeds, dollop of pure molasses or fi ve palm dates to taste, a handful of freshly scraped coconut flesh, sprinkle of pure cinnamon, the gel from two fresh tamarind pods and blend together with fresh coconut water. Garnish with fresh mint and chunks of fresh ripe pawpaw, enjoy!

  •  The information provided is intended as a general information resource. It does not take into account individual circumstances and is not intended as a substitute for professional nutritional advice. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical conditions. Anyone considering a health plan or any other health or weight loss program should check with their doctor or healthcare provider before beginning.  CAT ADORA is an Australian-born, Native Raw Living Life Force Food Master, Vegan & Food Nutritionist, Alkaline & High Vibrancy Food specialist, Master Herbalist, Sports & Fitness Performance Plant Food Educator and a published author. The views expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper.


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