Potholes a ‘nuisance’

Viliame Torosi shows the size and depth of a pothole at Naroro settlement along Kavanagasau Rd in Sigatoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Potholes in Naroro Village in Sigatoka have become a “nuisance” for carrier drivers. Resident Gurmeet Singh had to fork out extra money from his daily income to repair his damaged tyres.

He said some roads up the Valley Rd were causing a lot of maintenance work for their vehicles.

“One of the tyres got damaged and I had to buy a new one which has cost me $100,” he said. He claimed that every time the road was graded, the drains were always left unattended, which created a lot of potholes on the road.

“I am a carrier driver and use the road on a daily basis, and this road condition is causing a lot of maintenance costs.”

Naroro villager Viliame Torosi said heavy rains would wash away the graded roads and create potholes. He said this had been an ongoing issue.

Questions sent to the Fiji Roads Authority last weekend and yesterday remained unanswered when this edition went to press last night.

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